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We set up the provisions here in this $5 offer category to help with resourceful contents that will help you get started in the online business industry and scale faster, easier and better with less capital.

Smartphone Business Graphics Design

how to start smartphone graphics with phone

  • Logo creation.
  • Text animation.
  • Advert Banner creation.
  • Poster creation.
  • Text animation.
  • Infographics Design.
  • Free Stock Images Websites (High Quality)
  • Mockup Designs.
  • Ebook Designs.

Whatsapp 10x Selling Code

How to make sales on whatsapp

  • Why using whatsapp to sell.
  • Different types of audience.
  • Importance of whatsapp business.
  • What & how you can sell on whatsapp.
  • How to avoid being banned & messages to send after being banned.
  • How to effectively use whatsapp broadcast with spamming your audiences.
  • Different medias to increase your whatsapp audience.
  • How to run effective whatsapp tv ads that converts.
  • How to get whatsapp link that works for businesses.
  • Moving customers from cold to hot (KLT BIG FACTOR).
  • Ultimate follow up formular that increases sales rate.
  • Whatsapp sales formula.
  • Soft dm marketing system.
  • Cold calling techniques for whatsapp.
  • Basic copywriting (How to write effectively).

How to run a successful facebook ads with smartphone

  • The sweet advantages of running ads
  • The magic of your smartphone ads
  • Definition of facebook advertising
  • Facebook ads terminologies and their meaning
  • How to start your first facebook campaign with your smartphone
  • The fail proof ads strategy (This formular is a no fail formular gurus won’t tell you.)
  • Creating your ads manager with your smartphone.
  • Creating a well optimised facebook page using your smartphone
  • Creating your first Adset & ads.
  • Writing an attention-grabbing copy for your ads
  • How to run re-targeting facebook ads that brings massive sales.
  • Facebook marketing API and how to set it the right way


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