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This is the truth about you.


Have you ever been told that too much of everything is bad?


Have you ever been told that overdose is bad?


What if I tell those myths were only meant to scare you from being successful and being able to achieve your dreams?


I can’t tell you the distance from where you are to where you are going but I can show you the right process for a start.


When I said overdose is bad I actually meant it because we overdosed y’all with Values till many of you couldn’t resist it and were like coming to our inbox to testify.


If you overdose value in this manner it might get you confused.


This is where you need to move from the position of thought like “I wish” to “wow, I did it”


And what’s that?

Its all about showing you how to create wealth and control money with a snap of fingers playing on your phone screen.


Before you bounce off, remember I said this is about you and not me.

Why run away from help of ain’t you tired of free whatsApp class to another?


Re – Introduction To Online Business (I know you claim to understand how it works and if that is so, where is your result?)


The Online Business Mentality – (We educate you about how to properly operate in this online space and clear off the lies you have been told by bosses in different webinars you attended).


Then we take you to three major skills whether you are a service provider or product seller or starting new.


These skills will help you anywhere you go and of course, they are


Quality Product Design – (Learning how to present your business professionally with the use of visual marketing, The art of creating stunning images and amazing advertisement videos).



Facebook ads ­­— (How do you reachout to your potential dream clients if you can’t run an effective facebook ads? If you need to make more sales and go beyond whatsapp this is the weapon top industry guys have been using).


Sales Copywriting ­— (If your product design is well set likewise your facebook ads template is up and ready, The lack and misuse of sales words either in your product design or in your facebook ad copy will lead to low sales).


Copywriting is the principal skills of selling and will give enable you win any client you intend to approach, this skill gives you courage.


Sales Objection Handling — (When they give excuses and you need 2k urgently, will you down sell your product below its value just to eat either killing your business or you can handle the objection very well and make them pay double)?


Audience Nurturing – (How are we able to fill up 5 whatsapp groups in less than 2 days and set it on fire with contents? The art of audience gathering then nurturing to sales)


The Bonus Sections


Authority Positioning: How to position yourself as an authority in your field even if you have no track records.


30 days to attention: for those that wants to blow online and need more visibility for their businesses, here are what you can implement within 30days and get the attentions you desire.


Mindset therapy & Goal Session: Understanding the process of setting and crushing your goals with discipline.


100k Challenge: Do you think you can’t make 100k in a month? Now you will make 100k In a month and proceed to 1Million naira monthly.


Extra Bonuses You Will Get


Unlimited access to training materials

Unlimited access to training support


All these for a silly fee of $5 which isn’t upto 2000 Naira


If you want to stop shouting “mentor me” and wants to start closing deals


Use the link below to register if you are ready to change your pocket and income level


or Send $5

Joseph Paul Nnaemeka

United Bank For Africa PLC.


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