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Module1: Elementary Class Of Copywriting

First Approach To Copywriting
Breaking The Myths About Copywriting00:00:00
Impact Of Copywriting To Business Sales & Marketing
Branches Of Copywriting

Beginner’s Guide: Boron Letters?

Good day everyone, I knew and Understand that many of you might have been involved in some sorts of online trainings about copywriting but i want you to know that thing aren't done that way in the real world of Copywriting. I as well understand, you are used to shouting Value, screaming rhema and dropping fire emoji🔥🔥🔥🔥. Remember, I told you that this is learn at your own pace. It's your choice and result of decision base on different thoughts before you finally paid for this training, therefore it's also your sole responsibility to follow up with the trainings wholeheartedly the way it is going. Now, the question is why am I sharing Boron Letters. I can beat my chest fully that 99% of Copywriting Coaches here on WhatsApp don't know about Boron Letters, what they teach is AIDA. If you doubt me then @Fawaz Bello has attended different "Copywriting Trainings" he can attest to this. First, Copywriting is not only about write "come and buy" or any stylish grammatical pattern. Rather,it's by Understanding Human Emotions, how they act, react and interact before making decisions. Their decisions are what fuels your campaigns as productive, it could be they make a purchase or download something from your site or share your post. When you screenshots someone's status, it either means you agree with what the person is saying or you disagree but then, it stirs an emotional side of yours that makes you react (Support or oppose) then you took an action (reply or screenshot). If you fail to understand Humans emotions then your Copywriting Journey will flop. Don't deceive yourself, Boron letters will be shared to 30 letters and 3 letters daily. Read them once I share them in the "Write & Sell Like A Pro's Telegram Channel". Then pick pen and paper and write down what you learnt from it. It helps to rebuild your mental health and reshape your way of thinking about humans. I (Joseph Paul Nnaemeka) and my Partner (Precious Oriji) are not here to rush you with half baked trainings then throw a deceitful certificate at you so that you can call yourself Certified. Copywriter when in reality you can't craft words with Good flows that sells emotionally. Follow The trainings if you wanna become better at sales. Read and read them over and over again Real Copywriting Experts won't share you Boron Letters. These are top secrets of Copywriting experts and I will be sharing them with you in the telegram channels. Copywriting is simple if you can understand emotions and psychology then the right processes to make use of them. -- Joseph Paul Nnaemeka Founder, Impeesa Digital Academy (We help small businesses get their marketing right which in turn brings in more sales).

Module2: Understanding Human Psychology In Copywriting

Module3: Ethical Stage To Writing Copies That Works

Module4: Art Of Storytelling

Copywriting Resources: Swipe Files

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