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how profitable is full time blogging

How Profitable Is Full Time Blogging?

You might also wanna ask questions like how profitable is full time blogging, there are so much questions, tweets and commentaries about this same question over the internet.

If I am being asked “do you think starting a full time blogging is much more profitable” “what’s will you say about being a full time blogger”

Yeah! I am a full time digital marketer and I work at least 21 hours daily and extremely 5 days nonstop.

I will try all my best to put this into a much more reasonable format for you all to understand what it meant.

Starting a full time blog – Profitable or Not?


I personally will let you know that it is both sided, its profitable and also now profitable, as there are many of few factors to say that you should consider.

The first two major things to consider is; are you an expert, intermediate or beginner in blogging?


First! I talk this question now and write like I am speaking to you reading this presently.


Here are my words; is full time blogging profitable?


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, both full time blogging and part time blogging are both profitable, it all depends on you.

To succeed in blogging there are factors that needs to be put into place, I will list few for the time been and probably further into the future I will create a much more elaborate content, but I don’t like to bore my readers with long texts.

Blogging Is Expensive:


Blogging is expensive, it requires;

  • Time
  • Efforts
  • Money


Blogging is expensive as it needs to keep running up to date, its expensive in three different formats which are in time, money and effort.

Time: your blogging consumes part of your time, mostly you are trying to design your site interface, trying to create content, trying to update content, sourcing for errors, SEO Auditing and many more.

Efforts: it definitely will consume your time of trying to build backlinks, get content ideas, rewiring your seo and many more.

Money: with money you need to keep your blogging running effectively and also to get premium tools to enhance your brand, need an seo specialist to fix your off page seo, ssl certificate renewal and many more

Those three things are what you should first consider when trying to start a profitable business blog.

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How To Monetize Your Full Time Blog And Make Money From It To Become Profitable?

Now just like I said in the above writeup, it depends on your level of blogging. Fortunately, blog have become so competitive and there are still more rooms for you to make money even as a dummy who just got behind the keyboard.

  1. Get a coach
  2. Go for consultancy
  3. Monetize your blog

Get a coach:

A coach helps you to move forward and faster and he guide you how to fix things into places, he takes above the trials and errors, this helps you to gain dominance, win more and grow beyond limitations.

Go for consultancy:

you need to get consult once things doesn’t seem to look more clear or the way seem blur, this helps you to re-strategies yourself and keep fit.

Monetise your blog:

I won’t rely advice you to focus on AdSense, I am not against using it, but I solely don’t support relying on it.

This is why I will always advice you to start a micro niche blog in your field of expertise or hobby as there are more and more ways to make money online without stress from blogging.

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