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Our Interview Policy

Our interview is not only focused on helping entrepreneurs surface on the search engine but making them visible to the global community has our weblog target country is consoled to reach India and its neighboring countries while our blog post is wired to reach Globally.


If we notice that you are making waves in the industry and doing fine as expected, we might reach out to you in order to get your featured on our next interview.

Moreso, if you also wanna get interviewed on our platform you can reach out to us on using the subject “Interview Request” and any other subject line that is different from that won’t be granted.

You can reach out to us incase of broken link on with subject line of “interview broken link”


  • Must have a result to prove
  • Must have a running business either you sell services or products.
  • A reputable online presence (if we make content and we have a lot of negative comment, we will take it down for review)
  • You can drop a single follow up link to your desired social media platform
  • You can drop a single link to any of your product that has helped change lives (a selling product not the one under development)
  • You can also drop a link for readers to subscribe to your email (only when, you haven’t dropt a link for them to follow on social media).

In as much as this program is being engineered to help entrepreneurs have a global face in their industry, we wont hesitate to take down our interviews with any course seller who isn’t competent of found wanting for cybercrime of any sort.

Either by

Reselling people’s product

Reselling YouTube videos

Reselling Udemy course’s

Or infringed into anyone’s content.


If you need to reach out to me for personal discussions or request, you can make use of the mail