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Welcome To Impeesa Digital Academy

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Learn A Skill today. You do not need a degree or any kind of qualification to enroll. Below is a list of all our training programs we think might interest you.

Our Online Training Programs

Start a skill today from our training programs, You do not need a degree or any kind of qualification to enroll. Below is a list of all our training programs we think might interest you.

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How to run a successful facebook ads with smartphone

Smartphone Facebook Ads Training

Learn how to effective run income making ads on your smartphone.

You dont have time to keep making excuses for not running because you dont have a laptop when you can effectively run ads with your phone that will bring in massive income for your site and also buy yourself a good laptop for your business.

How to make sales on whatsapp

WhatsApp Sales Explosion Course

How To A Profitable International Recognition Through blogging.

If you are finding a way to explode your sales on whastApp while others are catching cruise, this is all you need.

you need to learn stop posting what you want and start posting what your contact will read and pay you for it.

Understanding and being able to nurture your audience to sales.

oge mamah - business strategist

One Page Sales Machine Website

How to create a high converting single sales page

The secrets to creating an high converting sales funnel with or without a website.
If you are looking for a more productive way to sell your products more effectively and save the stress of people coming to your DM on Instagram, the stress of replying multiple messages acrosss different social channels.
How about you use this system that helps you sell without stress and making not less than $1000/monthly. 😮 😮 😮

how to become an information marketing expert

Turn Your Knowledge To Raw Cash

Making Money From Anything You Know How To do.

Either you agree or not, there is always something you know that is sellable.
Is there any question you have always been askked most times or being called to help solve some things.
This training shows how you can turn your knowledge into products that brings bankable income daily.

Passive income 🔥🔥🔥

how to grow your instagram account to 10k followers monthly

Instagram Dominance Hack Training Program

How to gain real massive business followers on instagram.

struggling to get 500 followers in 4 months or having 4000 real followers in a week with high engagement?
You definitely go for 4000 real followers because the more people get to see your products, the more sales, the more exposure it gives your business as well.
Here is why you shouldn’t miss out of this training if you are willing to put your business on instagram.

SMEs Training

SMEs Startup Digital Training Program

How To Turn A small business into giant brand

You have no excuse to turn this down, if you are running a small business startup, this is more like combination of all our trainings for business owners.

If you have been dreaming of having a brand whose name will be on everyone’s lip and be the top market product 😮 😮 😮.
Then, you need to get in right now and join other business owners and digital marketing experts who are making crazzzzy sales on daily.

Certification Trainings

Learn An Online Skill - Become A Highly Sought After Professional

7Figure Authority Business Blogging Certification

How To A Profitable International Recognition Through blogging.

Without authority you will find it hard to appear on search engine nor be able to sell courses or products on your weblog worth upto $1000 upward.
You will also find it hard to be hired or contacted for consultancy.
Ranking higher is a key, knowing how to close international deals and also make profitable monthly income from business blogging is very important.
This program will show you how i make more than $2k from blogging in space of 6months, and how you can do better🔥🔥🔥

how to become a facebook ads expert

Advanced Facebook Ads Marketing Certification.

How To A Profitable International Recognition Through blogging.

Wanna pull in massive sales that will get you wowed?  😮 😮 😮
imagine if you can find a more effective way to increase your sales rate by 16X your current income rate.
This is the best time for you to get enrolled in our Exclusive Facebook Ads Club not onlly get certified but also get to make use of this to boost yourself as personal brand, your business and dominate the online business game in Africa staying ahead of your competitors on front of your potential clients and customers.

make moeny from what you know

Sales Objection & Closing Certification.

Learn how to turn "NO" Into income


Maybe Next Time, no more cash now, i cant really afford maybe you can wait till next week.

If all these types of statementsare what yo get daily withiut making sales then you need to start 

how to become a web design expert

Advanced Web Design Certification

The Ingredients of creating an international world class website.

If you can’t build a world class website at this present stage of digital tech business then you are way far behind.

There are companies willing to pay you thousamds of dollars to get themselves a websites that is well structured and milking income.
Here you will discover the secret tools we use in building websites and how our students have been able to crush big international clients who are ready to pay dollars 🔥🔥 in exchange of their web design ability, its also what you can acheive. 🔥

Learn An Online Skill - Become A Highly Sought After Professional

Client Acquisition & Retention Secrets'

How To Easily acquire and keep new clients

If you have a skill and you always find it hard to get even low paying clients not to talk of high paying clients.

More so, you cant retain the ones who have patronize you to keep buying and as well refer people to you, then you need to learn the exact method that will get your mailbox filled up with paying clients begging you for your services