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Price (Amount)

Learning Time

Online Training



3 Weeks


A Working Laptop  (Optional)


Internet Connection.

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Impeesa Digital Academy web design mockup

  • Introduction To Web Design
  • Introduction To Web Development
  • Introduction To WordPress
  • Basic Terms In Web Design

  • How To Buy Domain Name.
  • How To Setup Your Hosting.
  • How To Install WordPress

  • Choosing The Right Host.
  • Choosing The Right Themes.
  • Choosing The Right Plugins

  • Understanding Websites & Blogs.
  • Understanding cPanel.
  • Understanding WordPress Dashboard.
  • Understanding Website Themes.
  • Understanding WordPress Template Kits
  • Understanding Every Aspect Of Website Layouts.
  • Understanding Website Plugins.
  • Understanding Difference Between Themes & Plugins.

  • How To Install WordPress CMS In Softaculous cPanel.
  • How To Install WordPress Theme From Repository.
  • How To Install WordPress Plugins From Repository.


  • How To Upload Theme In WordPress Dashboard.
  • How To Upload Plugins In WordPress Dashboard.
  • How To Upload & Delete Plug-In From cPanel.
  • How To Upload Plugins & Themes From cPanel.


  • Creating Your First Page.
  • Creating Your First Post.
  • How To Activate Your Blog.
  • How To Make Use Of WordPress Customizer.


  • How To Create Your Website Template
  • How To Create Website Header.
  • How To Create Website Footer.
  • How To Design A Full Website (With Your Own Theme & Features).
  • Building A Sales Funnel.


  • How To Create E-Commerce Website.
  • How To Create Church Website.
  • How To Create Agency Website.
  • How To Create School Learning Platform.
  • How To Create A Portfolio Website. 

  • Making Money off your web design skills.

You have access to the course and every updated aspect 





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  • Work Independently

    You choose when to work and when not to work, the comfortability of going on vacation without receiving queries from anyone.

  • You Control Price

    You have the right to control price and slam any price you want to charge, an average web designer charges at least $500 – 1000.

  • Freelance web design.

    You can freelance as a web designer while working in office, this means extra income as a part time designer.

  • Start your web design agency

    You can start your own web deign agency, hire people to work with you and have an international clients looking after you.

  • Web design consultant.

    You can start consultancy on web design and charge corporates and individuals per hour for consultation once you have learnt all it takes to learn from us.

  • Web design coach.

    Acquiring the necessary and vital skills, you can start coaching people and help them kickstart their web design career, you can as well start your own web design agency and sell your knowledge.

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Collaborative, Practical & Exciting Learning.

At Impeesa Digital Academy We leverage on the power of team spirit and fun learning environment, you gain access to three platforms;

Your course learning area,

Meet Expert’s hangout forum,

General hangout forum.