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Facebook Ads Marketing

Learn the art and science of setting an high converting facebook ads that brings sales faster for businesses.

Get the right step to step guide from fundamentals to experts’ level of running facebook & Instagram ads.

Effectively running a successful social media paid campaign for businesses isn’t a hard game but many find it hard to run because they lack the knowledge and working secrets (blueprint)that has proven to work for several businesses.


An effective social media paid campaign is one of the best way to gain the market share faster, out beat your sluggish and hard competitors and dominate your industry. Hereby gaining the highest market share.


You will learn how to set your creatives, copies, tweakings, Facebook ads back-end and other secrets hidden by experts will be revealed to you.


Price (Amount)

Learning Time

Online Training



3 Weeks


A Working Laptop  (Optional)


Internet Connection.

how to become a facebook ads expert
how to run a high converting facebook ads better like an expert

  • Why You Need To Run Ads
  • Ads Manager over view
  • Why Facebook Ads is important for your business
  • Compassion To Other Traffic Source
  • Facebook business manager Vs Boost Post

  • Introduction to Funnel system.
  • Importance of having a funnel system.
  • Creating Your Funnel system.

    • Types of traffic.
    • Cold traffic offers.
    • Warm traffic offers.

    • Types of traffic.
    • Cold traffic offers.
    • Warm traffic offers.

  • Campaign
  • Adset
  • Ads

  • Objectives/ Marketing Objectives
  • Brand Awareness Marketing Objectives
  • Reach Marketing Objectives
  • Traffic Marketing Objectives
  • Engagement Marketing Objectives
  • Video Views Marketing Objectives
  • Generation Marketing Objectives
  • Messages Marketing Objectives
  • Conversions Marketing Objectives
  • Catalog Sales
  • Naming Your Campaigns


  • What is Pixel
  • Why Is Pixel Necessary
  • How To Install Pixel
  • Pixel for profit

  • Setting the successful retargeting campaign
  • Optimization code for successful ads
  • Scaling your ads for result


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how to run facebook ads
  • Work Independently

    You choose when to work and when not to work, the comfortability of going on vacation without receiving queries from anyone.

  • Become Known Internationally

    This is the best place to get fame and showcase your expertise as you have the right weapon to access the international market and become seen, become known, become heard, become highly PAID.

  • You Control Price

    You have the right to control price and slam any price you want to charge, an average web designer charges at least $500 – 1000.

  • Freelance Ads Expert

    You can freelance as a facebook & instagram ads expert while working in office, this means extra income as a part time ads expert.

  • Facebook Ads coach.

    Acquiring the necessary and vital skills, you can start coaching people and help them kickstart their Facebook ads marketing career, you can as well start your own agency and sell your knowledge.

  • Facebook Ads consultant.

    You can start consultancy on facebook & instagram ads and charge corporates and individuals per hour for consultation once you have learnt all it takes to learn from us.

  • Start your paid SMMA agency

    You can start your own paid social media managaement agency, hire people to work with you and have an international clients looking after you.

Facebook Ads Become A Facebook Ads Marketing Expert In 2 Weeks

Collaborative, Practical & Exciting Learning.

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