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Mini Importation Business

Become a mini importation experts with this program by learning how importation of goods works better.

Learn how to Import any product at a cheaper price and sell at an higher price.

Become a mini importation expert with this program by learning how importation of goods works better.


We all know making money in life requires two optimal way is; either to buy and sell goods or products, or sell services in exchange for money.


Mini importation is as well a proven business model that helps you to sell either online or offline and with the help of coaches


Mini importation doesn’t only apply to online businesses alone but can as well help you in offline businesses.

In this program you get to learn how to buy from a cheaper source and sell at a higher rate without the use of a middleman or having to get travelling visa for business purposes.


Price (Amount)

Learning Time

Online Training



2 Weeks


A Working Laptop  (Optional)


Internet Connection.

How to import at a cheaper price and sell at an higher price
how to start mini importation successfully with less capital





how to become a coach at Impeesa Digital Academy
  • Work Independently

    You choose when to work and when not to work, the comfortability of going on vacation without receiving queries from anyone.

  • You Control Price

    You have the right to control price and sell better than your competitors.

  • Market Access

    There is free entry and exit to the market, with our training, you will know when to enter and when to exit to avoid loss, although its inevitable.

  • Start your Online Store

    You can start your own online store like Amazon, Jiji, Jumia e.t.c people get to buy from you from anywhere around the world and keep all profits to yourself

  • Mini Importation consultant.

    You can start consultancy on mini importation and charge corporates and individuals per hour for consultation as well as the international market.

  • Mini Importation coach.

    Acquiring the necessary and vital skills, you can start coaching people and help them kickstart their mini importation career, you can as well start your own mini importation brands and sell your knowledge.

Mini Importation Expert Guide: Mini Importation Business Masterclass

Collaborative, Practical & Exciting Learning.

At Impeesa Digital Academy We leverage on the power of team spirit and fun learning environment, you gain access to three platforms;

Your course learning area,

Meet Expert’s hangout forum,

General hangout forum.


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