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web design WEB DESIGN:  Career Opportunities & Why You Need To Learn Web Design To Kickstart & Boost Your Career.

WEB DESIGN: Career Opportunities & Why You Need To Learn Web Design To Kickstart & Boost Your Career.

Learning web design as been one of the highest searched keywords on Google, Bing likewise on YouTube.

More so, there are lots of web design course adverts both on facebook and Instagram, Udemy and other online resource centre.


Become a professional web designer through this advanced training for all level.


Why Are People Learning Website Design Skill And How Profitable Is It?


When you hear about the internet or make use of the internet, you have access to it because of a web designer.


That statement might seem unclear, Let me bring it to a point of clarity and communicate with you in simple terms so that you can always easily understand me better.


Career Opportunities In Web Design


You won’t be able to read this content presently if there was no web designer to set this website up, neither would you be able to make use of your Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat and all your favourite social media platforms if web designers didn’t design them to reality.



All your favourite platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix won’t be available today, it was just someone’s idea that was brought to reality with the help of web designers.


Do you now understand why I said anytime you hear of the internet then web designers should always come into your mind.


Here is another pretty factor I will love to state, you won’t be able to make money online, if websites doesn’t exist.


All thanks to those who brings platforms like whatsapp, Facebook, Netflix, Udemy, Impeesa Digital Academy and the rest.


How Profitable Is Web Design As A Skill Or A Career?


I don’t think you should ask these questions again, lets take a look at Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, without designing the website called facebook years ago he might not be a CEO today earning millions of dollars monthly neither would you have a social media platform called facebook today.


Jeff Bezos who is also regarded as the world richest man, can you imagine what he will be doing presently if he doesn’t build a website called Amazon (the largest online retail store in the world.)


There are lots of facts to point to, web design is a very profitable skill anyone can acquire irrespective of age or race.


I compiled a resourceful web design training for you that will help you proceed faster and become an expert within 2 months and start making money building your career, agency or freelancing.


How Much Does An Average Web Designer Earns?


An average web designer charge nothing less than $500 – $1k.


Although price may vary based on functionalities, customers’ requirement, locations and other factors.


This isn’t the standard price but what an average web designer mostly charges $1000 for a basic custom website.


What Are The Types Of Web Designer?


There are different types of web designers and we can keep the list going without having to stop but the most common ones are the


  • Freelance web designer:

A freelance web designer uses his skills to work part time on freelancing websites making lots of bucks this could be majorly on weekends and this adds up to their side income.


Definitely learning web design doesn’t stress you nor stops your office work but an additional source of income.



You can freelance on freelance platforms, freelance for a friend, or freelance for a company.


  • Agency Web Designer:

This sets of web designers having fully learn all it takes to be a web designer starts their own agency and employs workers to work with them, building such an agency helps you to reach out to larger organizations and earn big Example is my agency Impeesa Digital Service.


  • Employed Web Designer:

Being employed as a web designer isn’t a bad deal but in fact a small deal with a hidden treasure.


The hidden treasure is that, you will have more and adequate time to freelance while in office because there is high probability that  you wont have to work everyday, yet your salary (an average of $2k monthly) comes in, That’s a good one everyone will desire.


  • Web Design Strategist:

A web design strategist doesn’t need to handle tools must times, all he has to do is to draw plans, sketches and flows of how a website should be including the layouts as well as the structure, pointing and correcting errors.


  • Contract Based – Web Designer:

A contract-based web designer is also like an employed web designer, but this is majorly based on some certain legal agreements.


  • Web Design Flippers:

Web design flippers comes in different categories;

Build websites and sells

Create website template kits and sell

Create, grow websites and sell


All these are another way web design flipper makes money.


  • Web Designer Coaching:


This is very profitable and autopilot (stress free) source of income.



This involves selling your skills in form or a pre-recorded course and you can distribute same course on different learning platforms and continuously generate income for same course but from different platforms, you can as well set up your academy website.


  • Web Design Consultants:

Unlike web design strategist who are hired or employed to analyse the structure of a web page among many other functions.


A web design consultant is hired or mostly booked to have an interactive session with company boards about how a website should be as well as its contribution to  growth of a website brining sales for businesses and companies.


The list of career opportunities of having web design as a skill can keep going like an endless list but these are the major ones.


How Much Does An Average Web Designer Earns?


With various analyses of the major and most common career opportunities in web design, you can clearly see the full potentials and opportunities of web designers.


In fact, when you get into the game, it will help you unlock more creativity and helps you think faster on how to come up with new concepts and solving problems.


An average web designer who is scaling earns nothing less than $500 per hour and have the freedom to work anytime, anywhere or go on vacation.


Isn’t that deal done better?


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